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What types of events do you do ?

The initiative is for all Muslims, not just “Professionals Muslims”. The Prophet (saw) was a Sheppard but married a Businesswoman, Khadija (ra) – Simple. Our focus and remit is the community and where we can add value hence, so we will respond to the needs accordingly. People have different requirements, preferences as long it is within the Islamic principles. Some events, are based on actual research and others based on past experience and the current reality of a particular community or category. Because the Muslim community is large and diverse, each at different stages of development, so our events are organised on the basis of profession, ethnicity, age group,special needs, practicing and more. This has been checked and approved by a number of scholars, academics marriage counselors and community leaders and activists and who we have consulted over the course of 15 years. This is neither racist, nor immoral, nor unislamic, nor unethical, nor unprincipled, nor unfair -  ignorance in the community is widespread and it takes different strategies to achieve the same the goal – i.e. the seeking of Allah swt pleasure, through reviving a sunnah, that is marriage. The following are the main types of events we organise :

  • All Muslims
  • Professionals
  • Practicing
  • Converts
  • Divorced & Widowed
  • Bengali
  • Arab
  • African & Caribbean
  • Pakistani
  • Somali
  • Gujarati
  • Over 40s
  • Over 30s
  • Under 30s
  • Special Needs

and many others

What sort of people come, how many come and what is the ratio of sexes to your events ?

Human beings from the Planet Earth, in particular, Muslims who wish to fulfil a sunnah. Depending on the target audience of the event, people come from all over the world, from all walks of life. This also affects ratio and attendance. We always aim for 50:50 ratio but generally speaking, population dynamics means that there slightly more women in the world and the Muslim community there are more educated Muslim women Professionals than men. Each event varies differently, some communities and events, men hugely outnumber women. One is always recommended to register and have tawakkallah (reliance on Allah swt) and yakeen (certainity).

What kind of venues do you hold them in?

As community organisation, marriage is in the heart of the community and hence this reflects our choice of venue. We hold them in community centres, schools/colleges, Islamic conferences, wherever the ummah is. Occasionally, we will hold them in hotels to reflect the cliental targeted.

Which cities and countries do you hold them in?

As London based, most of our events are in London, however we hold regular events in the major cities across the UK and abroad. Such as Manchester, Glasgow, Birmingham, Paris, New York, Toronto and so on. Wherever there is a need and interest and demand from the community, we can arrange and hold events, preferably with a local partner.

What times do you hold them?

This varies according the type of event, location. London based events are usually weekday evenings and outside of London and UK are over the weekends. All forthcoming events are listed on here.

How frequent are your events?

We usually hold a minimum of 2-3 events per month except Ramadan and are of different categories and at least twice a year, an event of the same category is repeated but location, date and time might differ.

Have there been any success stories?

Alhamdulillah, over 100,000 people have come through the service, many introductions have been facilitated and over 7000 and more of these have resulted in marriages. Marriage is clearly a sensitive matter and is not something that can be engineered mechanically. The success of such initiatives ultimately lies with Allah. What needs to be borne in mind is that this is an opportunity, and a lot will depend on what you make of it.