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It is important to recognise that finding a suitable spouse is a challenge for Muslims today.

It has to be addressed practically, not just through lectures and seminars about the juristic nature of marriage and the ideal scenario. Education of the whole community is required, including parents and even the ‘ulamâ who also need to work with social scientists such as marriage counsellors and  psychotherapists to find realistic solutions.

We hope that the marriage event will be a humble product of this. Such initiatives are new to the community, and they need to be tested within the framework of the Sharî‘ah. It will take time for us to fully understand them but they can only improve if people participate in them, take them seriously, facilitate their organisation, and provide constructive feedback.

As part of the education the community, we also organise debates, discussions and seminars related to the family, marriage and relationships which helps to raise important issues in the community.